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Kids Party Organizer Jakarta indonesia

Hi! welcome to our website create your own kids party with all your idea and if you need our help we all ready to help you Contact us on email so we can give you the best price list 2015!We guarantee that we will serve you good and make your party Unforgettable ..... 

We handle with care and committed to our professionalism

Lets have some fun with Toon Town...!!
Lets... Get Party!

We work with the most professional and animated to ensure that your child and his/her guests have a fabulous party experience.

Jakarta - Indonesia
You can contact us on: 089637045465 - 08129789100
viber/wa/line : 089637045465 ( Available )
email: Mitacake@gmail.com
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Toon Town telah ada untuk memuaskan konsumen yang membutuhkan jasa terbaik, yang dapat dipercaya, update dalam seni dan selera masa kini, kami ada untuk anda!! 
Segala kereativitas kami kurang berarti tanpa anda .
 Silahkan menghubungi kami untuk mendapatkan harga terbaru.

We let our imagination run wild so your loved ones can have the most memorable party every!
Remember your child deserve the very best and a party that is not as ordinary and boring as the rest.

This is more about me :
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Welcome to Toon town

Welcome to Toon town